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  1. - Searches that include a Sub Faction will now also include all the applicable parent faction info (e.g. AA:IH will show both Adeptus Astartes and Iron Hands info).

    - Some mobile styling improvements

    - Searches without keywords will display all FAQs & Errata for that Faction.  I may pull this back in the future when the data set is complete.

    Know Thy Enemy (KTE) is a tool that allows players to keep the information they need during battle at the tip of their fingers.

    - Do you ever lament trying to find that specific block of text in an FAQ?  

    - Is there an easy way to check if your opponent might be using their stratagem incorrectly?

    - Are you concerned that your opponent can spring a trap on you simply because you don't understand their army well enough?

    KTE aims to help with all of that and more.

    Completed Listings

    - Astartes (Core Book)
    - Iron Hands
    - Raven Guard
    - Orks

    Planned Enhancements

    - Favorites: pick out the items you want to keep track of most and bring them up even faster