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Found 1 result

  1. Techsoldaten

    Post-FAQ Lists

    How has the most recent FAQ affected your Chaos lists? While I realize I am a little biased, it feels like the changes to deep strike rules hit Chaos the hardest - especially considering Tide of Traitors is now one-use-only. I'll start, I run 3 Black Legion lists that are constructed like this (each takes Abaddon): - Cultist Bomb: 160 Cultists, 3 squads of Obliterators. - Noise Marine Bomb: 2 Squads of Noise Marines, 1 Kharbydis Assault Claw, a Sorcerer, 2 Maulerfiends. - Gunline: 22 Lascannons, 3 Predators, 3 10 man squads of Chaos Space Marines. I've now played them all in friendly games and am feeling the impact. The Cultist Bomb suffers from the ToT restriction. I used to march the Cultists up the board and use ToT to walk onto objectives starting on Turn 3. Since there are no morale checks to make because of Abaddon, it was very hard for opponents to kill even a single unit. Now that's changed. The units march up the board, taking a lot of casualties, then swarm my opponent's lines. My Obliterators now come in turn 2, but it's a lot harder to get into position to shoot up tanks. There's a lot of melee, which takes a lot of time to resolve, and it's not a clear winner. While I won the game I played, it's such a big change to playstyle, I would be hesitant to use this list again. The Noise Marine Bomb suffers from the Warptime restrictions and the landing zone restrictions. Instead of landing turn one, the KAC has to come in turn 2. The Noise Marines still shoot up screens but the KAC cannot move once it has arrived. This means it's taking a lot of shots from tanks because I can't use Warptime to bypass screens / get into position for a charge. I'm finding the Noise Marines take a lot more wounds, the KAC gets shot up before it can do much, and the Maulerfiends are easier for opponents to deal with because they have more bodies in screening units. The big threat is gone. While I would still play this list, it's not going to be as effective as it was. The Gunline works better now than it did before. What I'm finding is opponents are trying to use LOS blocking terrain far more frequently than before, but they don't seem to understand it's easy for a Black Legion army to shift 6 inches to get a better angle on whatever they need to shoot. While I used to deal with a lot of beta strikes, it's more like I don't need to worry much about assaults until turn 3 - the big stuff is already on the table for the lascannons to shoot at. It's a lot more easy to turtle with this army, and the LOS blocking terrain affects opponents more than my Black Legion units. I'm thinking it's time to replace the Cultist bomb with something more focused on speed, and start looking at Daemon detachments. I'm feeling like Bikes / Heldrakes need to be on the table more often, and Daemonettes need to be deep striking early game to tie up screens. Not to kill them, but to pull them out of position to make room for other units. Thoughts?