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Found 2 results

  1. Daedalus81

    London GT

    The London GT being the first to post a full file of player lists gives us the unique opportunity to analyze the data and better understand how armies are shaping up post Spring 2018 FAQ. You can see the lists here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QuVR2KdfKO08bBLYw9vobghM_xwhejofmtyXQ7LgQU8/edit I parsed the data through regular expressions and I'm aggregating it as best as possible (given how dirty the data is). You can see some results here. These are not fully complete and are subject to change. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oE2SERe2xjCC5w432kB9Y8qkdO5q3OazQPj6I6iPZ5A/edit#gid=776261834 Next steps are to catalog the weapons into a database and see if we can find how relevant mortars, plasma, etc are. Enjoy!
  2. Removing this detachment is a popular topic among the community, because it easily removes the cheesiest lists. So let's take a look at what the London GT shows us about it. This is a list of top "offenders" using Supreme Command. The most common uses fall under these 3 buckets: 1) Shield Captains / Daemon Princes and/or Magnus 2) Psyker spam (Weirdboyz, Primaris Psykers) 3) A super heavy tank (usually Baneblade variants like the Shadowsword) Is it the detachment itself that is the problem? Maybe. Eliminating it will reduce the concentrated spam, but also directly harms more tame lists. Handle the extreme outliers (Shield Captains and Daemon Princes) and you might find this is less of an issue. Total Supreme % of All Det CATCHANS 1 100.00% CRAFTWORLDS 1 100.00% TELEPATHICA 1 100.00% BROOD 1 100.00% CUSTODES 14 50.00% EVIL SUNZ 2 41.18% ULTHWE 2 33.33% BAD MOONS 1 33.33% FLESH TEARERS 1 33.33% NIGHT LORDS 1 33.33% SPACE WOLVES 1 33.33% THOUSAND SONS 11 33.33% TALLARN 2 25.58% NURGLE 2 25.00% LEVIATHAN 1 20.00% SAUTEKH 1 20.00% VOSTROYAN 2 20.00%