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  1. Olin Nordenn

    Da Primork's Legon

    If you don't kill them with fire you're just making more.
  2. Olin Nordenn

    Castle Problems

    Most of the time orks are doing great. However, the boyz have a problem dealing with enemies with LOTS of shooting when they can form a big bubble where all the units can protect each other. It gets worse where there is not enough terrain on the table. Usual enemies that castle against me are IG, Ad Mec, Necrons, and Tau. What I've tried... - Using the jump and trying to get in a 40 ork change. It is a gamble and if you fail the charge the unit is toast. - I've also tried using battlewagons and trukks but most of those enemies have enough anti-tank to take out a battlewagon or more per turn even with a KFF near by. - I've had some luck when terrain is available to get some units close. To make it work I put some grots out in the open and my opponent usually is happy shooting them instead of moving to get the real threat. However you can't always count on how the board is setup. - I have a few storm boyz and they can get in there fast. I could invest in a lot more stormboyz but I'm waiting until the codex is out before making any more purchases. - I was using kommandos, buggie, and kopters to distract these enemies turn 1 but the new beta rules change that. Thoughts? #casual
  3. Olin Nordenn

    Post-FAQ Lists

    That is a lot of lascannon. Lists like this are the reason I don't use many vehicles. I do like the heldrakes ability to put pressure on any poorly placed characters.
  4. Olin Nordenn

    Supreme Command Detachments - Should They Stay or Go?

    I know in the non-competitive mega-battles they are popular. People like to show off their best stuff!
  5. Olin Nordenn

    London GT

    I tried looking at the ork stats but I know it'll all be different when the codex finally comes out. (So 10 years from now maybe.) I did see the winning ork list from Warhammer Fest and it is like most of the competitive ones I've seen: lots of boyz & kustom mega kannons.
  6. Olin Nordenn

    Da Primork's Legon

    This is for a non-competitive campaign at the local Warhammer store. Constructive feedback is welcome. - Surveillance Report: Da Primork's Legon & Da Boom-town Lootas By Captain Lancro, 91st Cadian A band of orks known as Da Primork’ Legon (DPL) operate on several planets garrisoned by the 91st Cadian. As part of an initiative to improve our ability to purge these xenos a year long surveillance operation was initiated. This operation included the use of hidden cameras, microphones, and interviews with imperial citizens after DPL members approached them to engage in conversations. It’s been found that 27% of the DPL raids involving 1000 or more xenos have been preceded by the establishment of a temporary fortification (AKA an “Ork Town”). The most well documented temporary fortification is known by the orks as “Boom-town”. This fortification is garrisoned by a group calling themselves “Da Boom-town Lootas”. Smaller than a ½ company, the group constructs a makeshift defensive structure and then begins sending out scouts to search for “lootable” assets in the area. After a period of 2-3 weeks the group either leaves the area to seek a new location for “Boom-town” or a much larger force or orks joins the group and the town becomes a base for operations against well defended imperial assets. Notable behaviours that have been observed: The orks always “paint” their metal equipment and structures blue and prefer blue materials when raiding. The orks place the highest priority on Ultramarine weapon caches. Even if local building materials are available, most of their fortification is recycled from the previous location. Their standard operating procedure is to start building at a new location during the night and having the structures fully constructed by dawn. If the group has been successful in their raids 72% of the materials are sent to other groups within the DPL. The remaining materials are used to repair the fortification or used to build new vehicles & weapons by the group’s more technical members. 7% of the the relocations involve moving between planets. Currently the leader of Boom-town is a an ork psychic known as “Gazan-throwa”. It is said that he is well versed in using “magic” to toss groups of orks great distances.
  7. Olin Nordenn

    London GT

    Looks like I don't have permissions to the first link. Might be locked down for everyone.
  8. Olin Nordenn