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  1. Techsoldaten

    Post-FAQ Lists

    Very good points. I don't play in tournaments and often feel like there's something I'm missing in my game. The lack of familiarity with ITC may be part of that, I just really have a problem with the concept of organized play and what people think it means. While I consider the gunline a very good list, I know there's a much wider world out there. Mind sharing your TS list? I would be very curious to see what you are running. Also, getting back on topic, how has the FAQ affected it?
  2. Techsoldaten

    Post-FAQ Lists

    I would have thought the same, but they hold their own against Ork hordes. I'm 2 for 4 with one tabling (him, not me.) There's no grand strategy to it, just shoot up the Lootas / Dakkajets in the first turn, then peel off models from the Boys mobs. I'm usually getting at least 2 turns to shoot without any serious response, meaning about 40 Orks are leaving the table before they can strike back. The good thing about lacannons versus Orks is they kill what they hit, so it's not hard to take 20 models off the board for a couple turns. When they get close enough to charge, they are charging Cultists, who are either going to die or fall back. Then they are facing 60 Bolter shots, followed by a charge from the CSMs (with everything rerolling misses), followed by combat with all 4 beatsticks. The Lasher Tendrils on the Helbrutes do an especially good job cleaning up hordes. There's usually only a few of models near my lines before turn 3 and there's plenty there to deal with Stormboys. The lists I've lost to included Bikes, which are not very common in the Ork meta. They won because they were able to get past my screens and shut down most of my shooting early game, which is something I think I could counter with a different deployment. But Drukhari and Tau really scare me. I haven't played either since they got their Codexes and really don't know what to expect. There are a couple competitive Tau players in my local meta, and I have a feeling they would have their way with this list. I play mostly Chapter Approved missions and roll off before every game, like any other player. I don't play ITC. Regarding objectives, my strategy is usually denial. When my army is properly deployed, it's usually covering 2 objectives by turn two, with all infantry conga-lined back to Abaddon. By contrast, as soon as I'm done with tanks, I'm gunning down opponent's units near objectives. While he might have an advantage for a turn or two, I usually have the firepower to knock him off from range or the bodies to march up the board and take it from him. There's also Tide of Traitors, I've won games by just walking Cultists onto objectives in the 5th turn. Moving does not have a huge impact on the effectiveness of this list. Hitting on a 4 is not that hard when you are rerolling all shots, and wounds are almost automatic against anything but a tank. There aren't that many things with good saves versus lascannons, and the distribution of lascannons over so many units makes it hard for powers like Doom to sink my ranged shooting. The Cultists are very important as well, I have their placement down to a science and try to make the most out of screens. The models are always 1.5 inches away from each other and 3 inches away from the rest of my army, so I can pull models to get the unit out of combat without risking a consolidation move into other units. When they die, I have the CSMs to fall back on so the Predators / Helbrutes can keep shooting.
  3. Techsoldaten

    London GT

    Heh... I think that Codex comes out in June, probably just in time for my birthday. While it's anyone's guess what will change, I've been told to expect Looted Tanks to make a comeback. The thought takes me back to the halcyon days of 5th, where the only fear my Rhino Rush Berzerkers had was a stray shot from one of these crippling their transport. Getting back on topic, is there anything specific in the Orks lists you think might stay around post-Codex?
  4. Techsoldaten

    Post-FAQ Lists

    Here's my Black Legion Gunline list. Along with a huge, obnoxious description of how it works and my anxieties about Tau. The other lascannons come from the CSMs (who get 2 at 10 models) and the Helbrutes (2 each.) I can technically scale up to 26 lascannons at 2000 points, but that's almost always overkill (except when I know I'm hunting Titans.) It's not uncommon for it to do 40+ wounds a turn shooting at 48 inches and 70+ at 24 inches. The last game I played was against Custodes with 3 Shield Captains and I tabled my opponent turn 4. I also play a variant where I sub the Predators for Scorpius tanks and the Helbrutes for Decimators. While I realize the mathhammer heavily favors the lascannons, in practice opponents have a much harder time against it because of the indirect fire and the automatic hits for mortal wounds. Like I said before, not much has changed for this list post-FAQ. I am concerned about ongoing changes to the meta, and realize there are probably bigger, badder gunlines out there. Still looking for a list that can harass other gunlines as well as pack some punch against long-range AV. Basilisks, in particular, bother me.
  5. Techsoldaten

    London GT

    Yeah... but the Dark Talon is the most popular Imperial / Chaos flyer. There aren't that many Dark Angels detachments overall. For this tournament, players would be taking anti-air primarily for fighting Xenos, which is about a third of all armies. Is this a problem with Imperial airfighters being too expensive, or with Xenos armies lacking more efficient land-based units?
  6. Techsoldaten


    I see more lists these days that include Skarbrand. Can someone explain his value to me? He's a Bloodthirster who stops nearby units from falling back. Other than that, he has the same problems as any other Greater Deamon. I have the model but have not used it in 8th edition. Would love to get some insight into what people see in him.
  7. Techsoldaten

    Supreme Command Detachments - Should They Stay or Go?

    I personally like Supreme Command detachments for the ability to concentrate a lot of value in a small set of models. I don't play them, but they are the high risk / high reward detachment and it's better to have it there than not. It means you can have a variety of play styles with a single army. Question about '% of All Det' column. Was that a cut and paste error? If not, can you explain? So, Shield Captains and Magnus / Daemon Princes account for about 60% of all Supreme Command detachments. Is that really such a bad thing? Maybe Arbites are tough, but at least with Magnus it feels like most players are equipped to deal with him. The problem may have more to do with the idea of not wanting to devote an entire round of shooting one single model than actual problems posed by this detachment.
  8. Techsoldaten

    Post-FAQ Lists

    How has the most recent FAQ affected your Chaos lists? While I realize I am a little biased, it feels like the changes to deep strike rules hit Chaos the hardest - especially considering Tide of Traitors is now one-use-only. I'll start, I run 3 Black Legion lists that are constructed like this (each takes Abaddon): - Cultist Bomb: 160 Cultists, 3 squads of Obliterators. - Noise Marine Bomb: 2 Squads of Noise Marines, 1 Kharbydis Assault Claw, a Sorcerer, 2 Maulerfiends. - Gunline: 22 Lascannons, 3 Predators, 3 10 man squads of Chaos Space Marines. I've now played them all in friendly games and am feeling the impact. The Cultist Bomb suffers from the ToT restriction. I used to march the Cultists up the board and use ToT to walk onto objectives starting on Turn 3. Since there are no morale checks to make because of Abaddon, it was very hard for opponents to kill even a single unit. Now that's changed. The units march up the board, taking a lot of casualties, then swarm my opponent's lines. My Obliterators now come in turn 2, but it's a lot harder to get into position to shoot up tanks. There's a lot of melee, which takes a lot of time to resolve, and it's not a clear winner. While I won the game I played, it's such a big change to playstyle, I would be hesitant to use this list again. The Noise Marine Bomb suffers from the Warptime restrictions and the landing zone restrictions. Instead of landing turn one, the KAC has to come in turn 2. The Noise Marines still shoot up screens but the KAC cannot move once it has arrived. This means it's taking a lot of shots from tanks because I can't use Warptime to bypass screens / get into position for a charge. I'm finding the Noise Marines take a lot more wounds, the KAC gets shot up before it can do much, and the Maulerfiends are easier for opponents to deal with because they have more bodies in screening units. The big threat is gone. While I would still play this list, it's not going to be as effective as it was. The Gunline works better now than it did before. What I'm finding is opponents are trying to use LOS blocking terrain far more frequently than before, but they don't seem to understand it's easy for a Black Legion army to shift 6 inches to get a better angle on whatever they need to shoot. While I used to deal with a lot of beta strikes, it's more like I don't need to worry much about assaults until turn 3 - the big stuff is already on the table for the lascannons to shoot at. It's a lot more easy to turtle with this army, and the LOS blocking terrain affects opponents more than my Black Legion units. I'm thinking it's time to replace the Cultist bomb with something more focused on speed, and start looking at Daemon detachments. I'm feeling like Bikes / Heldrakes need to be on the table more often, and Daemonettes need to be deep striking early game to tie up screens. Not to kill them, but to pull them out of position to make room for other units. Thoughts?
  9. Techsoldaten

    London GT

    This is great! I wish we could see more info coming out of tournaments detailing what people are actually bringing. I put together a spreadsheet describing what factions people are bringing, based on the same data. Multiple, mixed Detachments really make it tough to understand what overall faction armies are supposed to represent. I suppose anything beyond Imperium or Chaos doesn't really mean that much (Xenos, obviously, are a different challenge altogether. Some interesting basic facts about list design: 1) The top 5 units making an appearance in lists (along with total count): INFANTRY SQUAD 197 SCOUT 127 COMPANY COMMANDER 121 HEAVY WEAPON SQUAD|TEAM 121 KABALITE 93 Obviously, some armies will feature multiples of these units, but that's a lot of support units. 2) Forgeworld: There's only a small selection of RELIC and HELLFORGED units represented at LGT. For RELIC, we are only seeing 1 Sicaran and 1 Sicaran Venator. No Deredeos, no Leviathans, no Relic Predators, no Fire Raptors... maybe I am missing something, but it feels like we should be seeing these in a competitive tournament. For HELLFORGED, we are only seeing Contemptors, Deredeos, Sicarans, and Dreadclaws. 18 total, 10 of which are Contemptors, plus there's one Decimator in there. Which is sort of surprising, I would have expected to see more use of these elite units. The FW Dreads outnumber Helbrutes 13 to 3. 3) Only one appearance of YNCARNE. I know she's not that good in 8th, but it's surprising to see so few trying to make her work. 4) Where are the flyers? 17 Dark Talons, 7 Valkyries, 6 Heldrakes, 6 Stormtalons, 5 Stormravens, 3 Night Scythes, 2 Dakkjets, 2 Shark Sun Bombers, 1 Doomscythe, No Xiphons, No Corbus Blackstars. 49 total. Feels like Imperial / Chaos want to make the most of their troops on the ground.... oh, wait a minute. 34 Hemlocks, 32 Razorwings, 12 Crimson Hunters, 11 Voidravens. The Eldar are all about air superiority, about a 2:1 ratio. (Note: there are 30 Hive Tyrants, no clue how many are Flyrants.) 5) Primaris watch: 32 Aggressors, 29 Intercessors, 19 Hellblasters, 4 Reivers, smattering of HQ choices. 1.5% of total unit selection. On the one hand, this makes me think people love the armies they have been working on for years and have no intention to change. On the other hand, Deathwatch. 6) Grey Knights watch: 32 GK units, 29 Intercessors, 2 Grandmaster Nemesis, 1 Paladin, 1 GK Terminator, 1 Draigo, 1 Voldus. Probably missed a few other choices. 1.2% of total unit selection. On the one hand, are Primaris really about as popular as Grey Knights? On the other hand, that's a lot of Intercessors. Don't have data to back this up, but it seemed for a while all anyone would take is Strike Squads. Also, where are the Dreadknights? I thought that's what made GK detachments good. I would need to go back to the army lists, but I wonder if people are taking Stormravens instead.