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  1. Daedalus81

    Welcome to Pages

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  2. Daedalus81

    Castle Problems

    @Olin Nordenn An Ork player recently took 1st with this list. He faced Tzeentch, Nids, and T'au. Boss on bike Big Mek, KFF 26 Boyz 26 Shoota Boyz 10 Boyz Nob w/ Banner Painboy 5 Stormboyz 19 Stormboyz 20 Stormboyz BW, Ard Case, Deffrolla BW, Ard Case, Deffrolla Warboss Weirdboy 3x10 Boyz Big Mek, KFF Weirdboy Weirdboy
  3. Daedalus81

    Post-FAQ Lists

    Sorry I've been busy writing an app for the site. I tend to want to deploy more aggressively now since I have a turn to run my screening units out into a buffer zone. Before I would huddle up with screens 4" in front, etc to keep rubrics from getting caught before they could do anything. I'm starting to favor summoning more and more and so I've also left a good chunk available to tailor to various scenarios. Most commonly 20 horrors plus a changecaster. Drop them in, buff with the mutalith to make the S5 and give them flickering flames for 60 S5 shots wounding any infantry on 2s.
  4. Daedalus81

    Castle Problems

    Yea either it's kommandos/boyz or stormboyz/boyz to get multiple charges on turn 2. That or trukks and jump. I still think KFF trukks are fine. If you do face 22 lascannons they're such a skew list that you just play them on objectives (ITC) and try to win on attrition by focusing their objective holders. At the point it's losing by as few points as possible.
  5. Daedalus81

    Post-FAQ Lists

    Keeping everything in range of Abby keeps the army pretty tight. I can see how the bikes could get through with that dynamic. Raiders will fly over and the usual list has ~18 disintegrators, which is close to 20 marines dead before the splinter weapons kick in. You don't suffer morale so you have that going for you. The bigger disconnect between us though is the missions. If the most flexible you need to be to win points is walking cultists on then the mission isn't dynamic enough. Of course that is a matter of opinion and preference. Many of the CA missions are pretty good, but i'd encourage trying ITC. It's super easy to learn and changes the game considerably.
  6. Daedalus81

    Da Primork's Legon

    I think I've killed these Orks before. Sounds like I haven't been effective enough.
  7. Daedalus81

    Post-FAQ Lists

    I have a hard time seeing big gun lines come to the table. Drukhari just doesn't allow for that sort of thing. Or Orks for that matter. And I think that's why lists like that are not terribly common lately - the 22 lascannons have nothing to shoot against green tide and they're no more effective than autocannons or assault cannons vs raiders and venoms. Once Orks get their update and potential point drops, stratagems, and traits the tide (hehe) will change considerably. Harlequins as might be able to get stuck in before you can bring down enough transports, too. You do have combat protection with Abby and the DP, but you're not flexible for other scenarios. And even if you did have a drop element you don't have a good way to clear chaff so it would need to be a self sufficient shooty unit like oblits. You could drop a predator and helbrute for ~5 of them and still be very strong turn 1. What kind of ruleset do you play? Maelstrom? ITC? How does holding objectives work when moving is mostly detrimental to the list?
  8. Daedalus81

    Post-FAQ Lists

    Heldrakes in general are making a resurgence, I think. The lascannon list surprises me a bit, because they're not very common (at the moment).
  9. Daedalus81

    Post-FAQ Lists

    3 quad las preds? Where are the other LC coming from? Havocs?
  10. Daedalus81


    I'd have to see some lists. +1A bubble is pretty handy. He also gets 12 attacks (14 if he charged) for chaff of which 6s convert to 2 hits (not 2 attacks). He's also S8 with those (on the charge). Plus he's not much more in points than a regular BT. Bring him and another BT and they'll be hard pressed to bring both down.
  11. Daedalus81

    Supreme Command Detachments - Should They Stay or Go?

    % of all detachments for that listing, sorry. I don't think it's a bad thing either, but it does highlight potentially problematic areas.
  12. Daedalus81

    London GT

    Huh, you're right. I hadn't noticed the total absence of Fire Raptors. The nerf certainly did it's job - maybe too well in the minds of it's owners. On the flip side it does look like even with it's nerf the Dark Talon is still a linchpin of their strategy. In a broader context with flyers people should be taking more anti-air. With Tau and Drukhari units all packing fly on top of all those Eldar fliers it's a no brainer to me. On Hive Tyrants? Not a single listing without wings. The Grey Knight players seem like staunch traditionalists. None of them ally with any other faction and they very may well suffer for it. The highlander detachments don't play to their benefit in a mono-culture list.
  13. Removing this detachment is a popular topic among the community, because it easily removes the cheesiest lists. So let's take a look at what the London GT shows us about it. This is a list of top "offenders" using Supreme Command. The most common uses fall under these 3 buckets: 1) Shield Captains / Daemon Princes and/or Magnus 2) Psyker spam (Weirdboyz, Primaris Psykers) 3) A super heavy tank (usually Baneblade variants like the Shadowsword) Is it the detachment itself that is the problem? Maybe. Eliminating it will reduce the concentrated spam, but also directly harms more tame lists. Handle the extreme outliers (Shield Captains and Daemon Princes) and you might find this is less of an issue. Total Supreme % of All Det CATCHANS 1 100.00% CRAFTWORLDS 1 100.00% TELEPATHICA 1 100.00% BROOD 1 100.00% CUSTODES 14 50.00% EVIL SUNZ 2 41.18% ULTHWE 2 33.33% BAD MOONS 1 33.33% FLESH TEARERS 1 33.33% NIGHT LORDS 1 33.33% SPACE WOLVES 1 33.33% THOUSAND SONS 11 33.33% TALLARN 2 25.58% NURGLE 2 25.00% LEVIATHAN 1 20.00% SAUTEKH 1 20.00% VOSTROYAN 2 20.00%
  14. Daedalus81

    London GT

    Yea the GT crew took it down. I'll make the source I downloaded for analysis available tomorrow.
  15. Daedalus81

    The Telemon lands in 40K...

    A toughness 8 dreadnought with a 2+ save, a 4++, AND a 6++ for only 220 points? This is way more efficient than any Land Raider for durability. A sign up promising times for them or that this this is way under costed? Oh yea, and strength 18 melee! Not that it applies to much, but damn... With the weapons the price goes up considerably, but it still seems like a steal. Fortunately these are still beta rules. https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/resources/PDF/Downloads/40k-Adeptus-Custodes-Telemon-2018.pdf